Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Roller Derby?

For those of us growing weary of indoor training rides (it is only Jan. 29, yikes!) Dave Perry has a wonderful solution to end monotony.

Mr. Perry, a Lower East Side bike shop owner and the impresario of New York’s small, seasonal roller-racing scene, is bringing some fun into indoor riding, not with a fancy computer program, but with an old-fashioned machine he purchased at a Sotheby’s auction of vintage bike equipment in 2000. He spent nearly a year fixing it up into racing shape.

Every winter since 2001, Mr. Perry has trucked his machine to dozens of events around the New York City. The last event, in December, drew nearly 300 people, including several Olympic-level competitors from a training center in Trexeltown, Pa. The previous year, Floyd Landis attended, though he did not race.

Read the entire story from The New York Times.

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