Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You Say You Want a Velorution?

Ripon College announced a bold new initiative today aptly called the Ripon Velorution Project.

The program is designed to help ease the College's vehicle parking issues, while at the same time reducing the campus' environmental footprint and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Incoming students starting their first college semester at Ripon this fall will have the option to sign a pledge this spring saying that they will not bring a car to campus for the duration of the upcoming academic year. Those who participate will be given a brand-new Trek 820 mountain bike, a Trek Vapor helmet and a MasterLock U-Lock to keep.

For more information, visit the Ripon College Velorution Project Web site.

Read the story at The Chronicle online.

1 comment:

Fritz said...

That news is so absolutely cool. I love that a college is doing something like this.

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