Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ripon a Strong Mountain Biking Community

I was scouring through the Wisconsin Off-Road Series year-end results the other day, and I realized that Ripon has a strong contingent of riders who did quite well in the series.

I counted six who finished in the top three in their respective race categories among the eight riders who tallied enough races to count toward an overall score on the season.

Nick Sabel (whose mother works in the finance office at the College) captured the title in the sport singlespeed division with first-place finishes in four races and second-place finishes in three others. His performance was also good enough to take third place in the USA Cycling Wisconsin Championship standings in the sport men 19-24 category.

Alyssa Borell took first place on the season in the sport women 17-18 category, while her mother Jenni Borell took second in the citizen women age 50-59 category.

The first family of Ripon College and Ripon cycling, David and Lynne Joyce did well in their respective fields. David was fourth overall in sport men age 55-59, and Lynne finished the season in second place in citizen women age 45-49. David also took second place in the USA Cycling Wisconsin Championship standings for sport men 50 and over.

Ripon High School students took second and third in the sport men age 17-18 field with Chris Hinshaw and Adrian Icenogle, respectively, representing the Tigers.

Yours truly managed to squeeze out a sixth place in the comp men age 35-39 category with the minimum seven races (one of which was a DNF). The results were good enough for third place in the USA Cycling Wisconsin Championship standings.

Others individuals from Ripon who raced this year include Stephanie Yost (citizen women age 10-14); Diana Klapperich (citizen women 45-49); Kris Klapperich (sport men 50-54);and Taylor Bogdanske (comp men 19-24).

Not too shabby for a small town of 7,000.

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