Friday, February 13, 2009

Make Every Ride Count

I was just turned on to an interesting new concept that allows you to log your riding and or running miles and turn them into cash donations to some wonderful non-profit organizations who support our beloved sport.

It is called Plus 3. It's a free online social network that motivates and rewards its members for logging rides. For instance, SRAM/RockShox and Trek support IMBA and provide funding to the organization for every mile you ride.

The following is info posted on the Plus 3 site:

Making It Count. With the Plus 3 Network, we let you turn every step, every turn of the pedal, every stroke in the pool into a fundraising effort for a cause of your choice. We do this at no cost to you via the support of Corporate Sponsors - dedicated companies who care about the planet, about health and fitness, and about the things we can do together to make a difference.

Free. And as we said, this is all free to you. We've identified companies who want to support you as you get healthier, get social, and help others. All you need to do is choose a Cause/Sponsor combination and then get out there -- either solo or with friends-- and get going.

Activity = Rewards = Fundraising. When you record an activity on The Plus 3 Network -- either by simply logging it on your Activities page "by hand" or by uploading with a GPS to automatically record it and identify it as a run, ride, walk, swim or other -- we apply a value ($.00x per mile, depending on the sport - click here for the table of values). And that value translates to money raised for your Cause and towards Rewards for your Challenges.

GPS vs. "Hand Entry" - Remember President Reagan's famous quote about "Trust but verify"? That's sort of Plus 3 Network's motto when it comes to recording your efforts. We trust that the items you put into the system to raise funds for a Cause are accurate to your best estimate, but when we can Verify the accuracy (like with a GPS upload that includes the course, the pace, the distance and the date), we can transfer even more funds to the Cause. And on top of Fundraising, you also get to use your activities to earn Rewards and all kinds of other cool swag.

So to summarize, every effort your record on Plus 3 Network earns rewards for you and money for your cause and shows up on your calendar. A GPS verified record earns 3 x-- yes, Three Times-- more funds than a hand entry. And it's 3 times more fun, 3 times more geeky, and even 3 times more valuable to the rest of The Plus 3 Community when you post activities via GPS. Need a GPS? We can even help you get one. Click here to learn how.

How Does My Cause Get Funds? We run a report about once a month or once a quarter depending on the sponsor / cause requirements. The report tells Sponsors how many Plus 3 members covered how many miles that month/quarter. Then the corporate sponsor writes a nice big check to your Cause and everybody wins.

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