Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time Trial Week 7

  1. Andy F. = 20:17.69 (3:55.16/4:00.78/4:05.13/4:10.30[16:11.37]/4:06.32)* {-1:03.88}
  2. Eric = 21:36.75 (3:45.16/4:19.34/4:11.47/4:35.16[16:51.19]/4:45.56)* {+0:50.97}
  3. Andy A. = 18:37.91 (4:17.44/4:34.34/5:04.99/4:41.54) {-0:06.53}
  4. Paul = 20:42.37 (4:40.85/5:12.84/5:24.03/5:24.65) {-0:28.91}
  5. Tiffany = 24:19.69 (5:31.25/6:09.60/6:13.18/6:25.66) {-1:59}**
*5 laps: the number in [ ] indicates the total time after four laps for comparison to the other riders.
{time difference from last week}
**Tiffany's time difference is from two weeks ago

Lap distance: 1.05 miles

Furby proved the fastest today. He dropped more than a minute from his time of last week. Must be the new bike.

Smitty wasn't feeling well, and his times showed it. He busted out the fastest time yet on his first lap, but his subsequent laps revealed his sub par health. In the end, he gained more than 50 seconds on last week's time.

Shaggy and Paul both continue to exhibit improvement, while Tiffany destroyed her prior best by nearly 2 minutes.

1 comment:

Andy said...

I think I snagged the 5-lap record!

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