Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time Trials: Sept. 30

  • Eric: 3:43.63/3:55.94/4:07.72/4:07.38/4:07.90/4:05.72 = 24:08.29 {-42.02}
  • Furby: 4:17.42/4:20.52/4:28.31/4:33.19/4:34.72/4:29.50 = 26.43.67 {-07.36}
  • Paul: 4:26.54/5:16.84/4:46.16/4:46.72/4:51.63/4:53.00 = 29:00.89
  • Rosette: 5:16.32/5:13.78/5:14.76/5:25.03/5:26.65 = 26:35.54 {-10.79}
  • Renee: 5:04.29/5:23.44/5:29.10/5:46.03/5:32.49 = 27:15.38 {-1:53.05}
  • Ben: 4:56.57/5:02.85/4:44.90/4:48.22 = 19:32.54 {-50.00}
  • Jeremy: 4:48.89/4:58.12/4:51.94/5:05.06 = 19:44.01 {+33.42}

Lap = 1.05 miles

It was a beautiful night for the time trials. Sunny, warm ... a slight breeze out of the south giving the riders a tailwind down the finishing stretch.

Eric set a blistering pace, beating last week's mark by 42 seconds. It's amazing how similar his lap times were for laps 2, 3 & 4 with only .52 seconds difference between them.

Furby, Rosette, Renee and Ben also improved their times from last week. Renee did so by an astonishing 1 min. and 53 sec. Jeremy slipped 33 seconds off last week's time, and Paul's time can't be compared to last week's since he added a lap. Though Paul's 5-lap time this week was about 1 min. slower than his 5-lap total last week. He's also riding a new bike and had to stop after lap 2 to adjust his seat post.

I continue to be pleased with the progress I see week in and week out with this group. With the conference championships this weekend, the collegiate season will close for all but those going to Nationals. I wish I could oversee their training during the summer months to assure that they each come into the beginning of the collegiate season in prime shape. Each of them has much more potential than we've uncovered to this point.

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