Monday, April 27, 2009

Wisconsin Cyclists: A Call to Action

Assembly Bill 59 and Senate Bill 29, commonly referred to as the "Dooring Bills," are both scheduled for votes TOMORROW: Tuesday, April 28. Please contact your Legislators today and ask for their Yes vote!

As many of you know, bicyclists are being ticketed - WHILE IN THEIR HOSPITAL BEDS - after being struck and injured by the doors of careless motorists who failed to take responsibility for their actions by first checking to see if traffic was present before opening a door. These bills place responsibility back where it belongs - on the operator of the vehicle - to ensure that their actions are not endangering other users of the road. Neither of these bills alleviates the bicyclist's responsibility to operate in a safe and predictable manner, as some critics have suggested.

Action Item
Please contact your Representative today and ask him/her to vote Yes on AB59. Please contact your State Senator today and ask him/her to vote Yes on SB29.

To identify your Legislators and to obtain their contact information, please use the "Who Are My Legislators" tool.

1 comment:

Ric Damm said...

Both bills passed unanimously in the state House and Senate!

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