Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eric Smith pulls double at Butler

I expected Eric Smith to have an immediate impact on the Red Hawks cycling program. He exceeded my expectations today with two first place finishes in two very different disciplines. Eric convincingly captured first place in the Men's B cross country race. He crossed the finish line nearly one and half minutes ahead of Missouri's Brent Davidson. Then after shearing his rear axle in a practice run on the downhill course, he proceeded to take first place in the B downhill by one second riding his cross country bike down the gnarly decent.

Eric's results capped a so-so day for the rest of the Hawks. Andy Fehrenbach experienced a mechanical early in the first lap of the Men's B cross country event and struggled to regain his position among the field. His efforts earned him a respectable 12th-place finish despite losing nearly 15 minutes due to the mishap.

In the Women's A race, Tiffany Seering discovered the steep curve between the B and A categories. After repeatedly finishing in the top two in the B class last season, Tiffany found herself brining up the rear in the A race. Ever determined, Tiffany showed her meddle by hanging in to finish just four minutes behind seventh-place Elizabeth Yarina of Michigan. It was a good learning experience for Tiffany, and I know she'll come back stronger next week at Nordic Mt.

In the men's C race, Andy Ayers was the top Hawk, finishing eighth. Zach Smith was just over a minute behind and finished 11th. Paul Meuer was 17th.

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