Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time Trials: Week 2

So we altered our time trial course this week to make it a bit longer. (Thanks for the suggestion Brendan, though we're still short of 20 minutes. 4 laps next week?). I had the team ride three 1.05-mile laps. Each lap was the same and each included a roughly 108-foot of climb on packed limestone and loose gravel.

Times were as follows:
Eric = 13:12 (4:13/4:33/4:26)
Andy F. = 13:53 (4:42/4:39/4:32)
Andy A. = 15:56 (5:09/5:30/5:17)
Tiffany = 17:27 (6:00/5:44/5:43)
Zach = 17:50 (5:50/6:02/5:58)
Paul = 18:51 (6:15/6:22/6:14)

The rest of the evening training consisted of 8 climbs up the downhill section of our time trial and 10 climbs up the short but steep grassy slope separating upper and lower Sadoff Fields.

1 comment:

BrendanBenson said...

Haha nice! Yeah go for four laps! It looks like they're pacing pretty well, too, which is huge in time trials and mountain biking in general. See you guys at Butler!

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