Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Team Building Exercises

The 2009 Red Hawks got of the ground (literally) on day one. We headed to the Kohler Experiential Learning Center for some team-building exercises on the low- and high-ropes courses.

From my standpoint as coach, it appears as if this group is already beginning to gel really well and that they will be very supportive of each other and each other's goals and ambitions.

The instructor noted that our group was very cooperative and quick to solve the problems thrown at us.

We completed the exercises in the morning, stopped at Ella's Della in Sheboygan Falls for lunch and then headed to Evergreen and Jaycee's parks in Sheboygan for our first ride together. Again, I was quite impressed overall with everyone's abilities and their desire to stick together as a group. "No one left behind" is already our unofficial motto.

It's going to be a great year. I can just tell.

For some additonal photos from the Kohler Experiential Learning Center visit new team member Andy Fehrenbach's flickr site.


Anonymous said...


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