Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seering repeats in DS at Purdue

Last year at Purdue, I coaxed Tiffany into giving the dual slalom a "go." She had never done any gravity event. Heck, it was her first season on a bike. But the slalom course at Purdue is so tame, it brings gravity to the masses. So Tiffany gave it the old college try and wound up winning her category.

We returned to Purdue this season with the intent that every Red Hawk would take a chance down the grassy, dirty, mulchy slopes of Slater Hill. And every Red Hawk — with the exception of Zach, who was beat up from a mishap in the cross country race yesterday — donned a full-face helmet and took a ride down the hill.

Tiffany had the most success, winning the Women's B category by defeating Brooke Crum in two tries.

Smitty took second in the Men's B, and Shaggy took second in the Men's C. Everybody had a blast with the experience, including Furby who was reluctant after injuring his wrist during the short track. While he was eliminated after two runs, he admitted he had fun despite the pain.

Paul "Jumbo" Meuer looked a bit out of place taking his 29er down the course weaving between the trees. He was eliminated after two runs against Shaggy.

The dual slalom capped a fairly successful weekend for the Hawks. Smitty took third in the brutal short-track race. Furby, who went down hard in a grassy turn, showed true grit in finishing the race. His effort earned him an eighth place.

Shaggy took fourth in the men's C race with Jumbo coming in seventh.

Tiffany hung in for fifth place in the women's A event.

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