Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 3 Time Trial

This week we extended the time trial to four 1.05-mile laps in an effort to get closer to exceeding 20 minute times.

Everyone showed a lot of consistency in each of their four lap times and everyone showed improvement when comparing total time for three laps last week versus three laps this week. Well, everyone but Andy F. Believe it or not, Mr. Consistency hit the exact same time for three laps this week as last. Each of his four laps tonight differed by only six seconds.

Eric was the first to crack the four-minute mark. He did so on his first lap. Impressive given that he was riding Andy's Velorution Cannondale. He did wipe out on one of the turns in his fourth lap, however.

Unfortunately, Tiffany is sick and missed tonight's training. We hope she feels better tomorrow.

Times were as follows (the number in [ ] indicates the total time after three laps for comparison to last week):
Eric = 16:50 (3:53/4:03/4:14[12:10]/4:40)
Andy F. = 18:31 (4:35/4:37/4:41[13:53]/4:38)
Andy A. = 20:32 (4:51/5:04/5:18[15:14]/5:18)
Zach = 22:01 (5:09/5:35/5:37[16:21]/5:40)
Paul = 23:56 (5:19/6:02/6:01[17:22]/6:34)


Paul Meuer said...

Well you forgot to mention about me breaking my derailur with my beastly torque! :) At least though my times are improving!

Andy said...

Well that's just scary seeing as I was on my good bike this week. but I was really sore from hill repeats, so maybe that balanced things out.

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