Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 6 Time Trial

  1. Eric = 20:45.28 (3:51.28/4:02.25/4:14.25/4:19.79[16:27.57]/4:17.61)* {+0:07}
  2. Andy F. = 21:21.57 (4:16.97/4:11.75/4:19.10/4:20.81[17:08.63]/4:12.94)* {-1:22}
  3. Andy A. = 18:44.44 (4:25.70/4:40.67/4:51.20/4:46.87) {-0:09}
  4. Paul = 21:11.28 (4:57.03/5:09.34/5:29.41/5:35.50) {-2:27}**
  5. Zach = 22:52.07 (5:09.85/5:45.43/6:35.09/5:21.70) {+2:06}

*5 laps: the number in [ ] indicates the total time after four laps for comparison to the other riders.
{time difference from last week}
**Paul's time difference is from two weeks ago

Lap distance: 1.05 miles

Eric's and Andy's overall times were pretty consistent to last week, as were their individual laps. Furby showed some dramatic improvement over last week's times, gaining a minute and 22 seconds. Paul gained more than a minute since his last time trial effort two weeks ago. Zach's slow down can be attributed to the injury he suffered to his knee Saturday at Purdue. Though he said the knee felt OK, rather it was his stomach that he said was bothering him. We'll see how this all plays out this weekend at Michigan Tech.

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