Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday Time Trial Results

Well, I tweaked the time trial just a tad this week. I had Smitty and Ferbie, my B riders, go one additional lap for five total — a bit closer to race time for the short track races, which is what the Prairie course most closely resembles.

Both Smitty and Ferbie went great guns on their first laps and then slowed. Again, Tiffany was unable to participate. She spent a good deal of time at the hospital today and the entire team wishes her well.

I also had the opportunity to try out my new stop watch.

Everybody showed improved times compared to last week ... a good sign of progress.

Times were as follows:
Eric = 21:08.87 (3:55/4:07/4:14/4:27[16:43.93]/4:25)*
Andy F. = 23:04.21 (4:21/4:30/4:35/4:41[18:17.33]/4:47)*
Andy A. = 19:21.15 (4:38/4:39/5:07/4:53)
Zach = 21:05.24 (5:06/5:08/5:27/5:24)
Paul = 23:38.37 (5:50/5:39/6:05/6:12)

*5 laps: the number in [ ] indicates the total time after four laps for comparison to last week

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